Stephanie Wong

  • B.B.A. (Law), University of Hong Kong (First Class Honours)
  • LL.B., University of Hong Kong (First Class Honours)
  • LL.M., University of Cambridge


Stephanie was admitted to the University of Hong Kong through the Early Admission Scheme, where she graduated with First Class and Dean's List Honours for both her B.B.A.(Law) and LL.B. degrees. She was also a Visiting Student at the Faculty of Law, University of Oxford, where she completed the one-year undergraduate programme with First Class results. Following her undergraduate studies, she went on to obtain an LL.M. at the University of Cambridge, and graduated with a First in Intellectual Property law.

Stephanie accepts instructions for both advocacy and advisory work and has been instructed on matters covering a wide range of areas of law. Her practice covers general Civil, Commercial, Intellectual Property, Competition, Chancery, and Public law.

Stephanie has taught the Commercial Law Intensive Summer Course at the University of Hong Kong in 2016, and will continue to be a part-time lecturer, responsible for Commercial law tutorials.  Stephanie is also currently serving as a Member to two Practice Area Committees of the Hong Kong Bar Association, namely the Committee on Intellectual Property Law and the Committee on Competition Law.

  • Middle Temple Society Scholarship (2016)
  • Sir Edward Youde Memorial Fellowship for Overseas Studies (2014-15)
  • Peter Vine Postgraduate Law Scholarship (2014-15)
  • Wu Prize in Animal Law (2014)
  • Dean’s Honours List (2010-11; 2012-13)
  • Mayer Brown JSM Scholarship (2012-13)
  • HSBC Hong Kong Scholarship (2011-12)
  • C.V. Starr Scholarship (2011-12)
  • HKU Worldwide Undergraduate Student Exchange Scholarships (2011-12)
  • Hang Seng Bank Community Service Scholarships (2010-11)
  • HKU Foundation Entrance Scholarship (2008-09)
  • Harvard Book Prize (2008)
  • Chen Hongqing v Mi Jingtian & Others HCMP 962/2017 (27 June 2017) (led by Mr. Johnny Mok SC and with Mr. Johnny Ma)  – Court of First Instance – Appointment of receiver over shares in dispute pursuant to s.21M High Court Ordinance and s.45 Arbitration Ordinance 
  • Goal Upward Investment Limited v Osman Mohammed Arab [2016] 5 HKLRD 158 (with Mr. Alan Kwong) – Court of First Instance – Interlocutory injunction to restrain liquidators from negotiating with potential investors for the purposes of restructuring a listed company
  • Cheung Lai Mui, the executrix of the estate of Cheung Ping Kau and the administratrix of the estate of Cheung Ping Fuk (alias Cheung Bing Fuk) v Cheung Wai Shing & Others HCA 1652/2012 (10 April 2017) (with Mr. Alan Kwong) – Court of First Instance, trial – dispute on a piece of land in the New Territories involving claims on common intention constructive trust, proprietary estoppel, estoppel by standing by, adverse possession, and claim for accounts and enquiry of the rent received by a tenant-in-common
  • Hang Heung Cake Shop Company Limited v Tsoi Chik Sang Lawrence & Others HCA 335/2016 (23 December 2016 as sole advocate and 15 February 2017 led by Mr. Charles Sussex SC) – Court of First Instance – Interlocutory injunction in relation to trade mark infringement, passing-off, and conflicts over directorship and shareholding  
  • The Incorporated Owners of Hertford Mansion (Un Chau Street) v Wong Shing Kwan DCMP 2924/2016 (5 June 2017) – Interpretation of Deed of Mutual Covenant and apportionment of management fees for building renovation
  • Grosvenor Financial Asset & Anorother v RHB OSK Securities Hong Kong Limited HCA 185/2014 (25 January 2017) (led by Mr. William Wong SC) – Sought expert directions in relation to trade practice in off-market securities trading
  • Beijing Shen Tong Cultural Club Ltd v Chau Chung Kai & Another HCA 414/2015 (30 November 2016) (led by Mr. William Wong SC) – Resisted partial summary judgment for specific performance of payment of HK$270 million
  • Re L & A International Holdings Limited (Sun Jiyou & Others v L & A International Holdings Limited) [2017] 3 HKC 507 (led by Mr. William Wong SC and with Mr. Martin Kok) – Court of First Instance – Interlocutory injunction in relation to dispute over voting rights exercisable in Hong Kong-listed company
  • Leung Wai Ip v Chan Ming Fai DCCJ 677/2014 (15 August 2016) (with Mr. Jonathan Chang) – District Court – Opposed leave to appeal against decision in relation to an adverse possession action

Selected Cases - Arbitrations and Tribunals

  • Re 《Ben Sir粗口小講堂》OAGM 000001/2017 (24 February 2017) (pending judgment): Full hearing before the Obscene Articles Tribunal for re-classification of the subject book for and on behalf of Ming Pao Publications Limited (Siu Ming Creation) 
  • Preliminary hearing at the Appeal Tribunal (Buildings Ordinance) – Resisted dismissal of appeal against removal order in preliminary hearing and asked for full hearing to be held
  • Commercial Arbitration – HKIAC Rules – contractual dispute in relation to confidentiality clause and restrictive covenants
  • Committee Member, Committee on Intellectual Property Law, Hong Kong Bar Association (2017 - present)
  • Committee Member, Committee on Competition Law, Hong Kong Bar Association (2017 - present)
  • Lecturer (Non-Clinical) on Commercial Law, Department of Law, The University of Hong Kong (2016 – present)
  • Coach, Compulsory Mooting and Dispute Resolution Course, The University of Hong Kong (2016)
  • Editor, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law – UK Supreme Court Issue (2014 – 2015)
  • Mr. Justice Birss’ Court Marshall, the English High Court of Justice (2014)
  • Committee Member, Oxford Lawyers without Borders (OxLWOB) (2012 – 2013)
  • Member, Free Legal Advice Scheme of the University of Hong Kong (2013 – 2014)
  • “The Storm over a Teacup: Hong Kong Top Court Clarifies IP Law”, Journal of Intellectual Property Law & Practice, Oxford University Press (2016) 11 (6): 408-410 (co-authored with Martin Kok)
  • “Overview: Civil Procedure”, The UK Supreme Court Year Book (2015) 352
  • “Overview: Civil Procedure”, Cambridge Journal of International and Comparative Law – UK Supreme Court Issue (2015) 300
  • “Fiduciary Duties and Equitable Compensation in Hong Kong”, King’s Law Journal (2015) 26: 14-20 (co-authored with Mr. Tom Ng)
  • CPD Seminar: “Litigating Trade Mark and Passing-Off Disputes” (with Mr. Martin Kok) (September 2017)
  • CPD Seminar: “Recent Cases on International Arbitration” (with Mr. Michael Lok and Mr. Vincent Chiu) (August 2017)
  • CPD Seminar: “Unlocking the Law of Restitution” (with Mr. Martin Kok) (June 2017)
  • CPD Seminar: “Minority Shareholders' Remedies” (with Mr. Martin Kok) (February 2017)
  • CPD Seminar: “Injunctions: Holding the Ring in Commercial Litigation”  (with Mr. Martin Kok) (January 2017)
  • CPD Seminar: “Breach and Confidence and Misuse of Private Information in Hong Kong” (with Mr. Martin Kok) (October 2016)
  • Joint Mediation Helpline Office CPD Seminar and Workshop: “Mediating Intellectual Property Disputes” (with Mr. Ling Chun Wai, Ms. Stephanie Cheung, Mr. Clement Tang, Ms. May Chan) (January 2017)