Barrie Barlow SC

  • LLB Auckland University

Year of call

  • 1975 (New Zealand)
  • 1978 (Hong Kong AGC)
  • 1984 (England and Wales)
  • 1984 (Hong Kong)
  • 2007 (Hong Kong Inner Bar)


Barrie Barlow, S.C. has been practising as an advocate for over 30 years, accumulating along the way a wide breadth of experience in all the principal areas of litigation. He combines a strong interest in the law with a practical curiosity for the facts and a zeal for the contest. He enjoys trials but his experience includes areas as diverse as public law and real property appeals in the Privy Council; company, tax and other appeals in the Court of Final Appeal; banking, securities, insurance, corporate rescue, commercial fraud, estate and probate appeals in the Court of Appeal; corporate fraud trials for liquidators and others plus a diverse range of civil trials, public law trials, trials of real property proceedings, a wide range of company law and liquidation proceedings, innumerable tax appeals, plus matrimonial property proceedings in the Court of First Instance; and a range of arbitration and tribunal cases - which is reflected in over 150 reported cases. He also sits as an Arbitrator. He has given expert evidence on Hong Kong’s banking, company and taxation law in Courts in the U.S.A., U.K. and Australia. He is regularly called upon to speak on company law and taxation law.

Company and Securities Law:

  • Active Base Ltd v. Liquidators of Moulin Global Eyecare Ltd (2009) 12 HKCFAR 621
  • Re Legend International Resorts Ltd [2006] 3 HKC 565
  • Credit Lyonnais v. S.K. Global HK Ltd [2003] 4 HKC 104
  • SFC v. Mandarin Resources Corp Ltd and Chim Pui Chang [1997] 1 HKC 214
  • COSCO v. Mitrans Shipping Co Ltd [1995] 3 HKC 123
  • Cheng v. Panel on Takeovers and Mergers [1994] 1 HKC 413

Commercial Fraud:

  • Wah Nam Holdings Ltd v. Excel Noble Ltd [2000] 3 HKC 118.
  • Bicoastal Corp v. Shinwa Co Ltd [1994] 1 HKLR 65.
  • Nissei Sangyo America Ltd v. Choy [1991] 2 HKC 173.
  • Mandarin Resources Corp Ltd v. Cheng Heng Soon David and others [1988] 1 HKLR 108.

Taxation Law:

  • Shui On Credit Co Ltd v. CIR (2009) 12 HKCFAR 392.
  • Ngai Lik Electronics Co Ltd v. CIR (2009) 12 HKCFAR 296.
  • ING Baring Securities (HK) Ltd v. CIR (2007) 10 HKCFAR 417.
  • Emerson Radio Corporation v. CIR [2000] HKC 238.
  • Orion Caribbean Ltd v. CIR [1996] 1 HKC 505.
  • CIR v. Swire Pacific Ltd [1979] HKLR 612.

Banking and Insurance Law:

  • Zanda Investment Ltd v. Bank of America [1994] 2 HKC 409.
  • Murjani v. Bank of India [1990] 1 HKLR 586.
  • Grand Union Insurance Co v. Pennsylvania Insurance Co [1989] 2 HKLR 574.
  • HSBC v. Attorney General [1982] HKLR 211.

Public and Constitutional Law:

  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo and others v. FG Hemisphere Associates LLC (FACV No.s 5-7 of 2010; 8.6.2011).
  • Attorney General of Hong Kong v. Ng Yuen-Shui [1983] 2 AC 629.
  • Hang Wah Chong Co Ltd v. Attorney General of Hong Kong [1981] 1 WLR 1141.
  • In re Golden Wall Shirts Factory Ltd and the Director of Trade Industry and Customs [1981] HKLR 144.