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Euchine Ng

LLM, Trinity College, University of Cambridge (First Class Honours)
PCLL, University of Hong Kong
BA (Law Tripos), Trinity College, University of Cambridge (First Class Honours)
Euchine Ng



Euchine obtained First Class Honours in both her BA in Law and LLM at the University of Cambridge. She joined Des Voeux Chambers in 2019 upon completion of pupillage with Mr. Derek Chan SC, Mr. Anson Wong SC, Mr. Christopher Chain, Mr. John Hui  and  Mr. Johnny  Ma.

Euchine is currently developing a broad civil practice and has appeared in the High Court as sole advocate and led junior for various civil and commercial matters. She has been involved in cases concerning a wide range of areas including company and insolvency, bankruptcy, commercial, property, arbitration and intellectual property.

Selected Cases

Company & Insolvency

  • Vitaly Orlov v Magnus Leonard Roth (HCMP 1331/2017 & HCMP 2753/2017)
    • [2019] HKCFI 2120, [2020] HKCFI 273 – assisted in trial of unfair prejudice petition and cross-petition by co-founders of a multinational fisheries business (led by Dr. William Wong SC, JP and with Mr. Justin Lam)
    • [2020] HKCFI 279 – successful application for interim payment and resisting intervention by a non-party (with Mr. Justin Lam)
    • [2020] 3 HKLRD 240 – successful application for removal of court appointed valuer on ground of basis (led by Dr William Wong SC, JP and with Mr Justin Lam)
  • Wong Tak Ming & Another v Creative Pacific Limited (HCMP 687/2019) – resisting minority shareholders’ application for inspection of company’s documents pursuant to s.740 of the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) (as sole advocate)

General Civil & Commercial

  • Phillip Doodt & Others v Huang Shihua & Others (HCA 2482/2018)
    • successfully resisted application for security for costs against foreign plaintiffs and on appeal (as sole advocate)
    •  successfully obtained summary judgment on liability (as sole advocate)
  • Credit One Financial Limited v Leung Wing Lok & Another [2020] HKCFI 2919 (HCA 3146/2016) – trial of money lender and mortgagee action involving handwriting expert evidence (with Mr. Christopher Chain)
  • New Castle Investments Limited v WFC Holding Limited [2020] HKCFI 537 (HCA 1632/2018) – resisting application to set aside default judgment (with Mr. Michael Lok); and on appeal [2020] HKCFI 829; [2020] HKCA 755 (led by Mr. Edward Chan SC and with Mr. Michael Lok)
  • Tang Yuan Yi v Tokyo International Investment Ltd [2020] HKCFI 1133 (HCA 2078/2018) – successfully obtained summary judgment for unjust enrichment claim (as sole advocate)
  • Lee Ming Tee (李明治) & Others v Chin Kam Chiu (秦錦釗) aka Chun Kam Chiu (秦錦釗) & Another(HCA 2138/2019) – successfully resisted application for striking out of the plaintiffs’ claim based on harassment, trespass, nuisance, defamation and malicious falsehood (with Mr. Christopher Chain)
  • 魏貞民 v 小米科技(香港)有限公司 & 小米集團 (DCCJ 2019/4050) – successful application for striking out and dismissal of action (as sole advocate)
  • Wong Hon Chuen v Chung King Chung [2019] HKDC 1712 (DCEC 987/2018) – successfully resisted an application seeking discovery pursuant to O.24, r.7A of the Rules of the District Court (Cap.336H) representing a non-party (as sole advocate)

Fraud, Tracing and Trusts

  • 800 Columbia Project Company, LLC v Various Defendants (HCA 149, 153, 156, 164 & 393/202)
    • successfully obtained a series of urgent ex parte Mareva and proprietary injunctions against a total of 21 recipients of stolen funds in a cyber fraud scheme involving US$5.7 million; and disclosure order against the defendants’ banks (as sole advocate)
    • [2020] 3 HKLRD 674; [2020] HKCFI 1527 – successfully obtained monetary and declaratory reliefs against various recipients of the fraudulent funds in default of defence (as sole advocate)
  • Martin Bencher (Scandinavia) A/S v O Ying Trade Limited & Another (HCA 2052/2019) – successfully obtained urgent ex parte Mareva and proprietary injunction based on a fraud claim (as sole advocate)
  • Re Tam Kwong Cheung [2020] HKCFI 1387 (HCMP 699/2020) – successful application for appointment of trustee relying on the inherent jurisdiction of the court and vesting order (as sole advocate)
  • China Railway International Trading (HK) Limited v Lau Chung  Hoi (HCA 689/2019) – successful application against 9 banks for the disclosure of bankers’ books and records (as sole advocate)


  • Re Yuan Yiqiang [2019] HKCFI 3168, [2020] HKCFI 259 (HCB 7480/2018) – representing the petitioning judgment debtor in bankruptcy petition; resisting application to review and rescind bankruptcy order (with Mr. Michael Lok); and on appeal [2020] HKCA 931 (led by Mr Jenkin Suen SC and with Mr. Michael Lok)
  • Re Foo Wai Lok [2020] HKCFI 258 (HCB 6077/2018) – representing the petitioning judgment debtor in bankruptcy petition (with Mr. Michael Lok); and on appeal [2020] HKCA 931 (led by Mr Jenkin Suen SC and with Mr. Michael Lok)

Judicial Review

  • Ng Moon Lam v The Ombudsman – [2020] 3 HKLRD 699 (HCAL 3648/2019) successfully resisted leave to apply for judicial review representing the putative respondent (with Mr. Justin Lam)

Scholarships and Awards

  • Trinity College Graduate Studentship (2017)
  • Harry Liu Postgraduate Scholarship (2017)
  • Lizette Bentwich Prize (2015, 2016 & 2018)
  • Trinity College Senior Scholarship (2015 & 2016)
  • Trinity College Council Prize (2015 & 2016)

Specific Areas of Expertise

Administrative Review, Commercial Judicial Review, Constitutional Review, Inquiries and Inquests, Statutory Tribunals, Arbitration as counsel, Enforcement of Arbitral Award, Commercial Mediation, Bankers’ Duties, Credit Financing, Financial Mis-selling, Moneylenders’ Actions, Securities Law, SFC Enforcement Actions, Contract, Conflict of Laws, Equity, Tort, Unjust Enrichment, Insurance Law, Negotiable Instruments, Partnerships, Sale of Goods, Corporate Governance, Compliance with Listing and Other Regulatory Rules, Derivative Action, Unfair Prejudice Petition, Enforcement, Follow-on Action, Investigation, Leniency, Mergers (Telecommunications), Children Issues, Divorce and Dissolution, Matrimonial Finance, Private Adjudication, Bankruptcy, Restructuring, Schemes of Arrangement, Winding-Up, Breach of Confidence, Copyright, Patents, Passing Off, Trademarks, Anti-Discrimination, Breach of Confidence, Employment, Restraint of Trade, Committees, Guardianship, Auditors’ Negligence, Disciplinary Proceedings, Medical Negligence, Solicitors’ Negligence, Surveyors’ Negligence, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Data Technology, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations (DAOs), Digital Assets, Anton Piller Relief, Asset Tracing, Bankers’ Books Orders, Discovery, Injunction, Norwich Pharmacal Orders, Adverse Possession, Building Management, Charities, Conveyancing, Easements, Landlord & Tenants Disputes, New Territories Law