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Earth Day 2022 and DVC’s tie up with the HKIAC’s Green Pledge Campaign

22 Apr 2022

Ahead of Earth Day 2022, and in a bid to mitigate climate change and become more environmentally conscious, many of DVC’s members have become signatories to the HKIAC’s Green Pledge Campaign.

The Campaign for Greener Arbitrations, which was conceived in 2019, has developed a set of protocols (the “Green Protocols”) to encourage fellow stakeholders to adopt sustainable practices and reduce carbon emissions. The measures will turn the spotlight on three priority areas identified by the Campaign for Greener Arbitrations, namely:

  • the use of clean energy;
  • the avoidance or reduction of travel and;
  • the avoidance or reduction of waste.

Below you will find a list of members who have signed up to the Campaign: