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Pupillage and Tenancy

We appreciate that as newcomers to the Hong Kong Bar, pupils face uncertainties as to the prospects of tenancy and future development. We therefore strive to alleviate our pupils’ uncertainties, by, for instance, ensuring that pupils are given proper guidance and feedback throughout their pupillage.

Moreover, throughout the selection process, we abide by, and uphold, the following:

Values and Principles


Chambers prides itself on its excellence. We therefore ensure that we only take on the very best, and those with a real potential to grow and become leading members of the Hong Kong Bar.


Those who are offered 9-month pupillage, following our stringent selection and assessment process, will enjoy a promising chance of success in their tenancy application. Over the past 5 years, more than 90% of our 9-month pupils were successfully admitted as tenants of Chambers.


We treat all potential candidates equally. Mini-pupillage and pupillage offers are made purely based on merits (including a consideration of the candidates’ academic excellence, integrity, and advocacy skills).


Whilst pupils are no doubt expected to be diligent and self-disciplined, Chambers also believes in flexibility and pupils likewise enjoy the ability to liaise with their pupilmasters on the precise day-to-day arrangements.


All pupils are offered a fair opportunity to strive and to improve. Pupils' work are assessed by pupilmasters (and other members of Chambers) on an on-going basis and, through at least one Pupils’ Moot, by the Pupillage Committee.


In addition to training on written work, pupils are encouraged, and indeed expected, to sharpen and develop their advocacy skills by participating in advocacy training programmes both locally and overseas. Many of our junior members are recipients of the Charles Ching Memorial Scholarship or the Middle Temple Scholarship, both of which fund the advocacy training courses in London.


Finally, Chambers holds an annual mooting exercise for pupils. The annual moot is chaired by Mr. Ian Pennicott, Q.C., S.C., and other silks in Chambers. This is designed to allow pupils to demonstrate, practise, and improve their advocacy skills through active participation.

Mini-Pupillage as a Prerequisite

It is important to note that we only select our 9 month pupils from our assessed mini-pupils. Mini-pupils who are interested in applying for a 9 month pupillage must undertake an assessed mini-pupillage in Chambers. They will be expected to have served an extended mini-pupilage of 4-6 weeks, during which they may be invited to particulate in a mooting exercise assessed by members of Chambers.

Applications for mini-pupillage over the summer vacation period must be submitted by 15 April of each year. Applications for mini-pupillage over the winter vacation period must be submitted by 15 October of each year. Decisions are made on a rolling basis.