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Patrick Chong

PCLL (University of Hong Kong)
LLB (University of Western Australia)
Patrick Chong



Patrick has experience in a wide-range of civil litigation and advisory work including property (conveyancing and building management disputes), land resumption and compensation, companies and insolvency, probate, trust, commercial, banking, shipping, sale and carriage of goods, civil fraud, defamation, arbitration and personal injuries. He is also regularly instructed in regulatory offence and white collar crime cases.

Selected Cases

Land Resumption & Compensation

  • Director of Lands v Yin Shuen Enterprises Ltd (2003) 6 HKCFAR 1, led by Benjamin Yu SC
  • Dragon House Investment Ltd v The Secretary for Justice (2005) 8 HKCFAR 668, led by Benjamin Yu SC
  • Joy Take Development Ltd v Director of Lands LDLR 8/2006 & CACV254/2008
  • Leverson Ltd v Secretary for Transport LDMR32/2000, led by Benjamin Yu SC
  • Lingrade Development Ltd v Secretary for the Environment, Transport and Works, LDRW2/2005 alone, & FACV 4/2010, led by Benjamin Yu SC
  • Land (including conveyancing and building management)
  • European Asia (Hong Kong) Investment Ltd v Wong Shun On Anthony [2011] 1 HKLRD 35, led by Benjamin Yu SC
  • Lung Po Kwan & Another v Tang Kam Sheung & Another CACV164 & 190/2010
  • Pak Fah Yeow Investment (HK) Ltd v Proper Invest Group Ltd CACV311/2008
  • The Incorporated Owners of Fu Fai Court v Henble Ltd HCA2844/2003

Companies and Insolvency (including shareholders disputes and bankruptcy)

  • Cheung Hon Wah v Cheung Kam Wah & Others [2005] 2 HKLRD 599
  • Lam Hon Hung v Shui Hing Textiles International Ltd & Another [2009] 2 HKLRD 418
  • Re Ng Chi Wo HCB2819/2003
  • Re Li Ngai HCB23961/2002

Commercial, Banking & Shipping 

  • Kuok Luen (Macau) Agente De Programas Televisivos Limitada & Others v Tidetime Sun (Group) Ltd & Others, HCA 1456/2006, led by Anthony Houghton SC
  • Shenzhen Baoming Ceramics v. Companion China Ltd. [2000] 2 HKC 790
  • Oriental Overseas Maritime Services Ltd v The Owners and/or Demise Charterers of the Ship or Vessel “Fan Yun 123” HCAJ265/2005
  • GT Oil Co Ltd v Hana Bank HCCL32/2004, led by Chua Guan-Hock SC
  • Hong Jing Co Ltd v Zhuhai Kwok Yuen Investment Co Ltd HCA 156/2006, led by Denis Chang SC

Probate & Trust

  • Chow Shun Yung v Weh Pih Stella CACV390/2004, led by Denis Chang SC
  • Chow Shun Yung v Ethel Lew & Others [2006] HKCLRT 389
  • Yu Shiu Ngam v. Zen She [1999] 2 HKLRD 21

Civil Fraud

  • Ho Yin Yuk v Lam Ka Lok HCA12957/1999
  • Choi Chan Kwai Kui v Li Ha Yue CACV 281/2001 led by Alan Leong SC; HCA 5651/1997 retrial, alone


  • Kin Yat Industrial Co Ltd v MGA Entertainment (HK) Ltd HCA1177/2006
  • Beate Gobel v Fossil (East) Ltd HCA2530/2003

Personal Injuries

  • Chau Fung Yee v. Lee Chi Ming [2000] 3 HKC 601
  • Chan Yan Nam v Hui Ka Ming [2003] 1 HKC 341

Memberships & Appointments

  • Barristers Disciplinary Tribunal – Panel Member
  • Part-time Tutor in Advocacy, University of Hong Kong (2002-2004)
  • Bar Free Legal Service Scheme Panel Member
  • Hong Kong Bar Association’s List of Mediators and HKMAAL Mediator
  • A Fellow of the Hong Kong Institute of Arbitrators

Specific Areas of Expertise

Chancery, Shipping, Sale and Carriage of Goods, Civil Fraud, Defamation, Tort Law, Regulatory Law

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