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A new book entitled: Hong Kong Competition Law Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives co-authored by DVC’s Kelvin Kwok

1 Apr 2022

Kelvin Kwok has co-authored a specialised tome on the historical background and the continually changing Hong Kong competition landscape,  with Professor Thomas K. Cheng. The new treatise entitled: Hong Kong Competition Law Comparative and Theoretical Perspectives offers a detailed comparative and theoretical analysis of the key provisions of the Competition Ordinance, focusing on the First Conduct Rule, the Second Conduct Rule, the exclusions and exemptions, and the procedural provisions. It draws on overseas legislation and jurisprudence that inspired the provisions in the Ordinance and it incorporates a detailed examination of the latest cases decided by the Competition Tribunal.

Kelvin Kwok is an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Law of the University of Hong Kong. He is also a practicing Hong Kong barrister with considerable experience advising on competition law issues.

A synopsis of the book and a link to register for the fireside chat overviewing the book organised by the HK University’s Asia Institute of International Financial Law on 28 April 2022 appears here.

Many of DVC’s practitioners‘ have been at the vanguard of this relatively nascent and niche sphere, and have forefronted cases and contributed to numerous salient developments in the rapidly evolving competition panorama.

These include :

Johnny Mok SC, BBS, JP          • Jenkin Suen SC                                • Richard Leung JP

Ling Chun Wai                               • Catrina Lam                                      • Adrian Lai

John Hui                                           • Christopher Chain                         • Connie Lee

Patrick Siu                                      • Ebony Ling                                          • Martin Kok

Jonathan Chan                             • Stephanie Wong                              • Cherry Xu

Tommy Cheung                            • Sharon Yuen                                      • Euchine Ng

Tinny Chan                                     • Avery Chan(Called to the Bar in 2016)  • Brian Fan