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Catrina Lam and Kelvin Kwok, 2 of 11 Non-Governmental Adviser appointed to International Competition Network

12 Feb 2018

DVC’s Catrina Lam and Kelvin Kwok have been appointed as Non-Governmental Advisers to the International Competition Network for a period of 2 years by the Hong Kong Competition Commission.

Catrina has considerable experience in handling competition law matters. She advised and appeared in Competition Commission v Nutanix Hong Kong Ltd & Ors, the first case commenced before the Competition Tribunal after the Competition Ordinance came into effect in December 2015. She has advised major telecommunications companies on ​licensing and competition issues. She is also a member of the Hong Kong Bar Association’s Special Committee on Competition Law.

Kelvin has a civil and commercial practice with a strong emphasis on competition law matters. Immediately upon graduation from law school, he became an Assistant Professor of Law at HKU, where he continues to teach and conduct research on competition law. He serves on the Bar Association’s Special Committee on Competition Law, the Consumer Council’s Competition Policy Committee and the Hong Kong Competition Association’s Executive Committee.